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Oops takes on a whole new meaning with the spring blossoms. Imagine my surprise when I looked down and said this isn't Monty, this is Lilac, but Lilac is has boy parts!!! I guess whelping a litter during the middle of the night you start seeing things (or not in my case). If anyone would've asked I would've sworn I checked all sexes at least 3 times. Alas we now have 8 girls and 2 boys.

After a week of moving and missing the babies I was able to visit last night. OMG they have gotten so big. The littlest girl is moving at break neck speed and on all fours!! All eyes are open. They are perfect, just perfect, even if I missed a major part. All have gained so much weight. I may have had the wrong name plate on one of the pictures, sorry for confusion on 2 of the girls, they look so similar with just a small white part on the tail which I realized after I put the tag up.

This litter is amazing and healthy and all the pups are getting around. They are starting to show their personalities. Vivala continues to be an amazing mom and very attentive.

I am going to try to see the puppies next week, but there are specialties (shows for just GSPs) in the area and friends are staying at my house. Apologies in advance. Hoping the week after I bring them all here. I just loved being in the whelping box last night.

Pictures to be posted tonight or tomorrow, you'll never believe how big they are.

It's Lina's 9th birthday today and we are cuddling and everyone (canine that is) is gnawing on a marrow bone to celebrate. Hard to believe Lina is 9. She is the puppies grandmother.

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