• Diane Prohaska

Mini GSPs in the House!!

And the babies had their tails docked and dew claws removed today. They all handled the trip to the vet well and Vivala came along for the ride to ease the stress of being away from the pups. Always so cute to see them with their tails docked. Fortunately our vet is well versed in sporting breeds and excellent at docking tails at the correct length.

Vivala continues to be an amazing mom. She is so attentive and never wants to leave the babies. We need to encourage her to leave the pups to go outside, drink water and eat. Drinking water is critical for milk production and to keep the milk bar in business.

Weights continue to increase, some more than others and all continuing to be lively and some exercising their vocal cords already :) Can't wait til the personalities start coming out.

We decided on spring flower names with the exception of the boy who has been named Mac for our McIntosh apple. Any guesses on what spring flowers we chose?

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