• Diane Prohaska

Missing the babies

Moving is not easy especially when there are ten babies to play with elsewhere!!! Missing the pups so much but they are doing great and in mom's hands!!!! All the eyes are open. I can't wait to see those puppies look up. Toys to be introduced soon. And Mac has a new name ..... Monty!!! Baby Monty will be going to live with friends of mine who have a littermate to my boy Arrow. Since he's the only boy and their family is getting the only boy well may as well use his new name now. My niece MacKenzie - aka Mac #1 (who Mac was sort of named after) thinks MacADoodleTwo was the perfect name HA!

There is no greater compliment to a breeder than a fur family member coming back for a second puppy. This family happens to be incredible and so proud to call them a Hideaway Acres family member!!!

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