• Diane Prohaska

Not enough hours in the day!!

It's been an absolute crazy busy week. Puppies, Work, Moving!! Fortunately pups get my mom's full attention and Vivala continues to be an incredible mom. Having trouble getting pictures from my phone to the blog as I have had to do them one by one. I'm sure there is an easier way. For now, I'm thinking of adding pictures to this FB page. Feel free to friend me and/or this page. We'll see how this works out.

All pups growing and doing well. Little Ms Sweet Pea is very energetic and our boy Mac is growing but all his sisters are bigger and I'm sure ready to beat up on him when they all get older. They are all so cute. I couldn't pick one now if I tried!

Pictures at some point this weekend, plus the unveiling of our spring flowers!

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