• Diane Prohaska

Not the typical puppy pics !

I'm sorry in advance. I took a mini-vacation to Maine and was not able to see the pups this weekend. They are coming here this week - either Wed, Thurs or Fri and I'm so excited. Ready to take on the gang and have puppy visits!!!

I do not have puppy pictures, but thought I'd share my favorites from the weekend. Ella came along while Arrow & Lina stayed with the pet sitter. You can see it was like a human oreo with Arrow & Lina crushing her in the middle. LOL

Also a picture of the best dog house ever. Looks like it was from Willy Wonka world and I am hoping my nephew can replicate it - but of course in purple and tea.

Then my favorite picture is of the heart with tennis balls in a pet store in Portland. I am going to do this. I absolutely thought it was the best ever!!!

GSPs love to travel and explore. We did not get to the beach, but Ella definately enjoyed strolls in the cute towns and snuggles at night.

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