• Diane Prohaska

The Milk Bar is Open!!

What a night it was. Vivala popped out her first puppy, a girl, at 11 pm last night. She had her final puppy this morning around 8 a.m. She is being an incredible mom and so attentive to the pups.

Vivala had 13 gorgeous puppies, 12 girls and 1 boy. My mom was there to ensure the puppies were healthy and nursing and my niece Jennifer assisted til 4 a.m.

Sadly, three girls were stillborn and have joined the angels. It's never easy to talk about the pups breeders loose and heartbreaking, but it is very important to share the experience with those interested in becoming part of our pet family, the good and the challenging. Transparency is key to a ongoing and solid relationship.

Our ten apple blossoms are thriving. Each puppy was weighed when born and again tonight. All have gained weight and are feisty! Now we have to think about names. With so many girls will we decide on spring flowers or apple names? Ideas are welcome!!!

By the way GSP pups are born with long tails. Tails are cropped and dew claws removed by our vet. We have this scheduled for tomorrow. Some ask if there is pain associated with this and it is a very simple procedure. GSPs that do not have their tail removed can be subject to very painful tail injuries later in life. Docking the tail is recommended and in our breed standard.

More pics will be forthcoming, for now please enjoy these few of our blossoms enjoying the milk bar!

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