• Diane Prohaska

The Walmart Pool Party

You're probably wondering whats with the pool toys and hoola hoops, no I haven't gone mad and yes these are for the puppies. It's very important the puppies start engaging in different textures, activities, and experiences. While at Walmart I stumbled across the pool aisle and somehow made my way to the kid toys. Looking forward to the puppy activity center in another week or so.

Puppies are amazing and very quickly outgrowing the puppy box. My parents added a "suite" to help manage the growing pack. I did their nails today and yes we had a couple of screamers, but all 160 toenails have been properly managed. I like to use the dremel and I have a particular bit that is designed for dog nails, it does not heat up and gives a smooth finish. With puppies, this also gets them used to noise and I use this on the lowest setting.

I'll post pictures this week. Someone recently asked me why do I try and take the pictures when they are sleeping. The pictures are staged and taken on a grooming table. Sleeping puppies are much easier to take pictures of, whereas wiggly puppies get too close to the table edge. No worries, someone is always there with a hand at the puppies side while I snap away.

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