• Diane Prohaska

Weekend Fireworks!!

What a weekend, it went by in a flash or should I say bang!!!

The weekend started with a pick up of the 10 hooligans on Friday night. Try wresting 10 pups into their crates for the car ride. When I got home the first crate was completely dry. The second (and of course my favorite crate) was well, let's say bombs went off everywhere from every direction.

The pups were also introduced to their activity center - I made this and so proud of my talent ha ha!! Pups love it and they keep tugging and squeaking the toys. Active, adorable, and full of shark teeth! My toes, my poor toes!!

5 wonderful families stopped by to say hello and it was such a pleasure to host them! Momma Sue (as all our friends know her) and my dad came to visit with everyone as well. This worked out well as I never seemed to sit long enough to talk and stop cleaning up!

It's a bit hard for me though as families start getting attached to specific puppies and as you know I can't make any commitments at this point. I'll do my best to match you with the perfect puppy. Of course they are all perfect to me!!

I started the weekend with 2 puppy areas and tonight it morphed into a 3rd. The pups are in nice size areas and after I feed them they are moved to a clean area that has been sanitized. For inside I use Odoban sanitizer and outside I use Wyshiwash through the hose.

I haven't seemed to get the right amount of feed down - either it's too much (and Arrow enjoys the left overs) or not enough and I put down more. My mother measures by the cup and I probably should as well, but well I think it's like baking a cake - a little bit of this versus the measuring spoon. Puppies are currently eating 3 x a day.

Enjoy the pictures from the weekend, I did not get to do any name tags and plan to get the puppies outside this week. I planned to over this past weekend, but the rain kept those plans at bay.

The pups look all innocent and cute, my toes say differently!!

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