• Diane Prohaska

Westminster and the Baby Daddy!

What a weekend and incredible weekend. I know you want to see puppies but first let me tell you all about what happened.

First one of my best friends Karen, who happens to own one of Vivala's brothers came for the weekend. I hadn't seen her since last July due to Covid and she came for the shows this weekend, to see pups, and to just catch up. We started the weekend on Thursday with a visit to the puppies. They just incredible. Puppies have started to eat rice and milk (we'll call it mush!) which is a first step to independence. They are all active little pieces of perfection and we have a couple already escaping the whelping box. Two have extra strong lungs and I'm wondering who they will go to !! :)

Friday we brought Ella to the dog show and she not only won Best of Breed, but also a Group 3. It's a big deal for us as it was the first time I showed her since before she went to Mexico in 2019. Ella is Vivala's sister. Saturday we had GSP specialties and Ella again does great along with her mom (Lina) winning Award of Merits. Grandma Lina also won Best in Veteran sweepstakes at 8 years old!!

The best for last as Sunday was Westminster. The thrill to recall Ella winning Best of Breed last year and I was able to cheer for her 1/2 sister as she won Best of Breed and later a Group One. Westminster is the pinacle of all dog shows. Bigger news was papa Robby came in for the show and won Best of Opposite. It was my first time seeing Robby in person and he is one handsome dog. Solid muscle and sweet temperament. Enjoy the picture of your baby daddy. This truly was a special weekend! You are going to be the owner of a very special and gorgeous GSP!

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