• Diane Prohaska

Where have the puppies been?

What a week!! We've moved and still unpacking so it's been a bit crazy. My mom has the pups at her house until I get settled and I hope to bring them here in a couple of weeks.

I did visit the pups on Saturday and I hope you enjoy the two week photoshoot. There are 3 separate posts with pictures - taking pics on the phone and transferring them to the website is difficult and I'm hoping splitting the pics makes the download easier.

The pups are all doing great, eating tons, little chubbys!!!! Everyone is pretty much over 2 pounds and growing well. The best is yet to come as the first puppy (Sweet Pea) opened her eyes and the rest are right behind her. Babies are starting to actually get up on all fours, they are so strong and it's unbelievable how agile they are.

GSP puppies eyes are a blueish color when they open. As time goes on they darken and they can darken up to 2/3 years old. GSP eyes should be brown in color when they mature.

Enjoy the pics ... back to unpacking for me!

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